Day 3 & 4
Swakopmund – Strand Hotel

For Days 3 and 4, your journey continues as you take a scenic flight from Sossusvlei to the seaside town of Swakopmund. As you fly over Namibia’s stunning landscapes, you will have the unique opportunity to view the haunting beauty of the Eduard Bohlen shipwreck from above. The ship, stranded in 1909, now lies half-buried in the sand dunes of the Skeleton Coast, a stark reminder of nature’s power. This rusted shipwreck against the backdrop of the barren desert and the azure sea makes for a mesmerizing sight.

Upon landing, you’ll find yourself in Swakopmund, a charming town set along Namibia’s beautiful coastline. Known for its wide-open avenues, colonial architecture, and surrounding desert terrain, Swakopmund blends German and Namibian cultures in a fascinating way. Established in 1892 as the main harbour for German South-West Africa, Swakopmund now thrives as a seaside resort and the heart of the Skeleton Coast tourism area. The town’s cool sea breeze, diverse adventure options, and relaxed atmosphere make it a must-visit destination in Namibia. During your stay, you can look forward to a plethora of exciting activities including quad biking, horse riding, paragliding, fishing, sightseeing, and captivating desert tours.

Your accommodation for the next two days will be the magnificent Strand Hotel Swakopmund, a destination in itself. Located on the historic Mole, an iconic site surrounded by the ocean on three sides, the hotel serves as a social epicenter for both visitors and residents of Swakopmund. With its unique restaurants, bars, deli, lobby-lounge, sea-facing terraces, beach kiosk, and state-of-the-art conference and banqueting center, the Strand Hotel offers a wealth of experiences.

The hotel’s design draws inspiration from Namibian-German history and blends it tastefully with modern amenities. The interiors aim to create a residential, non-hotel feel, a place as warm, welcoming, and comfortable as the town itself. As you enter the Strand Hotel, you’ll pass through the 13m high and 9m wide Ocean View Atrium that bisects the hotel, offering stunning sea views. Reception, comprising three individual desks and a cozy open fireplace, completes the homely atmosphere and ensures a warm welcome to all guests. This truly provides an added “sense-of-place” atmosphere to your Namibian visit.

  • Strand Hotel – 2 Nights stay.
  • Road transfer to Sossusvlei airstrip.
  • Fly to Swakopmund with a scenic flight over Sossusvlei and the coastline.
  • Road transfer to Strand Hotel.
  • Guided Quad Biking in the Namib Desert
    Take a majestic ride through the Namib Dunes on a Quad bike. Experience the sheer thrill of riding a quad bike through Namibia’s boundless expanse of shifting sand dunes. An experienced guide will read you through the Swakopmund River mouth into the dune belt. Tours include the Amphitheatre, roller Coasters, Big Billy and Devil’s Dip dunes.
  • Seal and Dolphin Cruise
    See Namibia’s ‘marine big five’ wildlife on a catamaran cruise for a marine educational sightseeing tour. Experience the thrill of dolphins leaping out of the water alongside the boat, seals fed by hand, fresh oysters and cold champagne on the calm waters of the Walvis Bay lagoon. The initial route takes you past oyster farms as you approach Pelican Point with its landmark lighthouse and 60,000 resident cape fur seals.