Day 9
Return to Windhoek

On the final day of your unforgettable journey, day 9, you will soar over the captivating landscapes of Namibia once more as you embark on a scenic flight from Etosha to Windhoek. This brings an end to your spectacular fly-in safari experience, but the memories of the unique adventure will stay with you forever.

Reflecting on the journey you’ve undertaken, you’ll cherish the pristine tranquility of the NamibRand Nature Reserve, where the majesty of the Namib Desert unfolded around you. You’ll recall the magic of stargazing under the incredibly clear African sky, with the whisper of the desert winds as your only accompaniment. The memory of the picturesque flight over the enigmatic shipwreck at Eduard Bohlen, eternally marooned within the shifting Namibian sands, will remind you of the poignant beauty of Africa’s Skeleton Coast.

You’ll reminisce about Swakopmund’s unique blend of Namibian and German culture, set amidst sweeping coastal vistas. You’ll remember the thrill of adventure activities, from quad biking to desert tours, and the soothing comfort offered by the Strand Hotel, a hub of warmth and hospitality.

The memory of Damaraland’s stunning landscapes, from ochre boulders to vast savannah, and the diversity of wildlife viewed from the luxury of the Mowani Mountain Camp will make you yearn for the African bushveld. You’ll think back on the immersive experience of being close to the elusive desert-adapted elephants and endangered black rhinos at Twyfelfontein.

Finally, the grandeur of Etosha and the elegant luxury of Onguma Camp Kala will come to mind. From your private suite, you experienced unforgettable sightings at the bustling waterhole and even the chance to sleep beneath the breathtaking Namibian night sky.

As you conclude your journey in Windhoek, you’ll be carrying with you a treasure trove of experiences that span the full spectrum of Namibia’s diverse landscapes and wildlife, and a deeper appreciation for this truly beautiful corner of the world. This 9-day fly-in safari has been more than just a trip; it’s been an adventure, a discovery, and a connection with the untamed African wilderness.

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