All Namibia – Luxury Fly-in Safari

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All Namibia - Luxury Fly-in Safari

Experience ALL of Namibia on this 14 night itinerary. From the picturesque Kalahari, the raw power of the Fish River Canyon, the oldest desert in the World, the Namib Desert,  the endless adventures of Swakopmund, Etosha National Park –  the greatest wildlife sanctuary, the fascinating mysteries of the Skeleton Coast to the Caprivi – a mosaic of rivers and woodlands and home to an abundance of wildlife.

Day 1
Day 2 & 3
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Flying to get there

With fly-in safaris, you can cover vast distances allowing for more time for activities at your exclusive destinations. A ‘bird’s eye’ view offers a different perspective of our beautiful country.

Aero Commander

Aero Commander

Road Transfer from Windhoek International Airport to Na’ankuse Wildlife Sanctuary
and return road transfer to Eros Airport.
Road transfer from Windhoek to Windhoek International Airport on day of departure.


Approx. Flying Time

Eros Airport to Otjimbondona

10 min

Otjimbondona to Fish river Lodge

1 h 05 min

Fish river Lodge to Lüderitz scenic flight over Lüderitz

35 min

Lüderitz to Wolwedans Dune Camp

25 min

Wolwedans Dune Camp to Swakopmund (Includes a scenic flight over Sossusvlei)

1 h

Swakopmund to Shipwreck Lodge

55 min

Shipwreck Lodge to Little Ongava

45 min

Little Ongava to Nambwa Tented Lodge

1 h 55 min

Nambwa Tented Lodge to Windhoek Eros Airport

1 h 55 min

Aero Commander
Twin Turbine aircraft with pressurized, air-conditioned cabin
Seating Configuration – 1 crew + 7 passengers
Cruising Speed - 500km/hr
Cruising Altitude - Up to 28 000 feet

Standard checked luggage allowance • 10 to 20 kg per passenger. The final luggage allowance per person is subject to the total body weight of all passengers, the number of passengers, the distance flying between destinations and the type of airstrip used for landing.

Each flight and aircraft luggage allowance is individually calculated and amended according to the above-mentioned factors. ONLY SOFT BAGS PERMITTED.

Price based on six persons sharing. Valid from 1 January - 31 December 2021. Subject to availability and seasonal increases.

Private charter flight, accommodation, meals, activities and road transfers as specified.

International flights. Meals and beverages not specified. Travel and Medical insurance. Visa services.

* Our standard terms and conditions apply.

Day 1

Day 1 – N/a'an ku se Wildlife Sanctuary Carnivore Feeding Tour

After your arrival at Hosea Kutako International Airport you will be transferred via road to N/a'an ku se Wildlife Sanctuary for a Carnivore Feeding Tour.

One of the unique experiences at Naankuse Lodge in Namibia is the carnivore feeding activity. This is a once in a lifetime wildlife experience, visitors will have the opportunity to observe the feeding process of the lions, leopards, wild dogs, baboons, caracals, and cheetahs who live at the sanctuary. During this time one can also learn more about the animals’ behavior and their exciting stories of their histories from the guides at Naankuse.

Lunch can be enjoyed at your own leisure after which you will be transferred via road to Eros airport in Windhoek.

From Eros Airport your private charter flight will depart to Otjimbondona.

Otjimbondona, Kalahari Namibia

Spreading across Botswana, South Africa and Namibia, the Kalahari meaning 'the great thirst' is an exceptionally beautiful living desert. The landscape is characterised by a large semi-arid sandy savannah draped over a gently rolling inland sea of sand covering most of Botswana and large parts of Namibia and South Africa. It is also the last bastion of the indigenous San people with the modern world having enveloped all the other areas they once roamed. The Namibian portion is made up of red sands covered in thin, wispy, mostly golden grass and dotted with acacia trees and wide-ranging wildlife including gemsbok, impala, jackals and cheetah.


Cradled amongst camel thorn trees with vistas of undulating Kalahari landscape, Otjimbondona offers those seeking tranquillity, exclusivity and luxury the ideal African holiday.

Otjimbondona is situated 120km south east of Windhoek and 80km from the Hosea Kutako International Airport on a 3000-hectare Private Nature Reserve on the fringes of the Namibian Kalahari.

This boutique destination with only four delicately decorated Villas invites you to start or end your Namibia safari, it is the perfect getaway to relax and unwind.

Otjimbondona – 1 Night stay.
Meet your pilot at Eros Airport in Windhoek and fly to Otjimbondona

Game drives
Coffee or tea break on morning drives & drinks and snacks on sundowner

Guided nature walks

Day 2 & 3

Day 2 & 3 – Fish River Canyon – Fish River Lodge

The immensity of this magnificent landscape is truly breathtaking. The towering rock faces and deep ravines forming the Fish River Canyon were formed by water erosion and the collapse of the valley due to movements in the earth’s crust.

Fish River Lodge is the only lodge situated directly on the Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world. From sunrise to sunset, visitors enjoy breathtaking views of this geological wonder. The twenty chalets are perched on the brink of the canyon, far enough from each other to ensure peaceful exclusivity for all guests.

Fish River Lodge - 2 Nights stay.
After check-out you will fly to Fish River Lodge

Sundowner Nature Drive
The afternoon drive will take you along the top of the plateau where we will be stopping at two different viewpoints where you can admire the infinite vistas of the Canyon. The guide will also explain the geology, flora and fauna of this fascinating landscape. Watch the sun set while enjoying drinks, snacks and panoramic views of the canyon and meandering Fish River.

Early Morning Canyon Drive
Experience an amazing variety of geological features as you journey into the depths of the second largest canyon in the world. See rough limestone, shiny quartzite, fine shale and dramatic fault lines. Catch your breath as you take in the dramatic views of the river.

Day 4 & 5

Day 4 & 5 – NamibRand Nature Reserve – Wolwedans Dune Camp

Spanning an area of 172,200 hectares and encompassing four distinct ecosystems, the Namib Rand Reserve is among the largest privately owned game parks in Southern Africa. Founded to conserve the unique environment and wildlife species of the south-western Namib Desert, the park’s mix of dunes, mountains, rocky outcrops, sandy flats and gravel plains provides habitats for a diversity of mammals – including hyenas, jackals, foxes, antelopes and various wild cats – as well as a plethora of bird species, reptiles, insects, frogs and flora.

Visitors can discover the mysterious ‘fairy circles’, which dot the landscape and sip on sundowners while watching the sunset over this unspoilt ancient landscape. Having been named Africa’s first International Dark Sky Reserve, it is one of the least light-polluted areas in the world, so don't miss this excellent star gazing opportunity.

Main Tent - Dunes Lodge

Wolwedans Dune Camp is positioned on the edge of a 250-metre-high dune and offers magnificent views of the surrounding environment. With only eight tents, an intimate dining area and an inviting fire pit, the Camp exudes an uncharacteristic warmth. Guests can enjoy fine cuisine, helpful service and the beauty of the Namibian sunset.

The Camp's unpretentious set-up is rather endearing and attracts visitors year after year after year. Its appeal goes beyond the mere beauty. There is an almost rustic feel to this camp, and it appears to attract the slightly younger, more adventurous traveller.

Wowedans Dune Camp – 2 Nights stay.
Fly to Wolwedans Dune Camp
Scenic flight over and to Lüderitz on route to Wolwedans Dune Camp

Nature drives within Namib Rand Nature Reserve

Walks on the reserve

Horseback ride

Day-safari with picnic

Village Tour

E-bike riding through the Namib Desert

Day 6 & 7

Day 6 & 7 – Swakopmund – Strand Hotel

Sandwiched between Atlantic rollers and the Namib Desert, Swakopmund is one of those great traveller way stations along the African road. This is a city with as much personality as it has sea frontage.

Located at the promenade with views of the ocean, Strand Hotel Swakopmund features a spa, three restaurants and a small brewery, which also specialises in Namibian and German meat dishes. Drinks and snacks can be enjoyed at the lounge bar or at the pavilion on the beach. The spa offers a variety of massages and also features a rooftop garden with water features.

Strand Hotel - 2 Nights stay.
Fly to Swakopmund with a scenic flight over Sossusvlei and the coastline.
Road transfer to Swakopmund Hotel from Swakopmund Airstrip

Laramon Tours Dolphin Cruise
Laramon Tours Dolphin Cruise offers guests the chance of seeing Benguela dolphins, Cape fur seals, bottlenose dolphins, and even humpback whales and leatherback turtles when in season. The tour's route changes daily as marine life moves around the bay, going as far as 6 kilometres off the coast. At the end of the tour guests can enjoy light snacks, sparkling wine and soft drinks on the boat.

Charly's Desert Tours Living Dunes Experience
Charly's Desert Tours Living Dunes Experience is an extraordinary exploration of the coastal dune belt just outside Swakopmund. To the untrained eye the dunes are just a pile of sand, however, the skilled and experienced guides will introduce visitors to a wealth of desert life. Often referred to a "Living Desert Tour", we will track Palmetto geckos, sand diving lizards, the famous fog-basking tok-tokkie beetle, sidewinder snakes, spiders, scorpions, and chameleons. As we explore this breath-taking terrain, we will share a lot of information on origin, weather and the special adaptations of its inhabitants. This 3.5 -hour exploration will be rounded off with a short dune drive.

Our guides will pick you up from any hotel / Guesthouse in Swakopmund free of charge and we include still mineral water for all our tours.

Day 8 & 9

Day 8 & 9 Skeleton Coast – Shipwreck Lodge

Visit the remarkable clay 'castles' formed by years of clay deposits and wind erosion. the structures are eerily beautiful.

Today, you’ll swap two wings for four wheels for the drive to the Skeleton Coast.

The full-day journey is one of the most spectacular drives on the continent, and you will travel along the ephemeral Hoanib River, home to large herds f elephant. From there, the route follows the course of the Hoarusib River, where dry plains give way to a clay-baked landscape, and as the salty sea breeze begins to pick up, so the landscape turns to white sand dunes.

Shipwreck Lodge - 2 Nights stay.
Road transfer to Swakopmund Airstrip. Fly to Mowe Bay airstrip. Road transfer to Shipwreck Lodge.

Trips to Möwe Bay Seal Colony, including stops at the Suiderkus and Karimona shipwrecks, Westies diamond mine, and the remains of the Ventura Bomber.

Beach Lunches.

Quad Biking and Sand Boarding.

Sundowner Drives to the roaring dunes.

Full day 4x4 Hoarusib River Excursions, including the Clay Castles and wildlife spotting.

Day 10 & 11

Day 10 & 11 Etosha National Park – Little Ongava

Sharing the southern boundary with Etosha National Park, the prolific 30 000-hectare private Ongava Game Reserve is considered one of the top private game reserves in the region, enjoying global recognition for exceptional conservation, ground-breaking research and exciting safari experiences.

The reserve offers visitors the perfect combination of wildlife safari experiences within and around the Etosha National Park. One of Ongava’s top attractions is its rhino population and guests can experience the thrill of getting close to these majestic creatures.


Designed for privacy, luxury and an intimacy with the land, Little Ongava is arguably Namibia’s most luxurious accommodation with pristine views across the Ongava plains.

Little Ongava is perched on the crest of a hill commanding magnificent vistas of the plains stretching for miles to the horizon, offering an extraordinary experience as the focal point of an Etosha journey.

This intimate camp has only three spacious suites each with its own plunge pool, en-suite bathroom, “sala”, and outdoor shower. The lounge and dining areas have wonderful views of a productive waterhole below the camp, the open deck allowing for relaxed, stylish dining under the African sky. Guests at Little Ongava share a dedicated guide and vehicle, ensuring the best possible nature experience at one of Africa’s great wildlife destinations.

Little Ongava - 2 Nights stay.
Road transfer to Mowe Bay airstrip. Fly to Ongava airstrip. Road transfer to Little Ongava

Twice daily scheduled activities from below:

Dedicated guide and shared game drive vehicle
Bird watching
Game viewing
Nature walks
Rhino approaching
Photographic hide

Day 12 & 13

Day 12 & 13 Kwando River – Nambwa Tented Lodge

Meandering through the spectacular Caprivi Strip in northwest Namibia, the Kwando River rises from the central Angolan highlands forming the boundary between Namibia, Zambia and Angola. The area surrounding the Kwando River is known for its protected game reserves, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

It offers excellent game viewing with the perennial waters of the river attracting plentiful wildlife including large herds of elephant, hippos, crocodiles, red lechwe, turtles, zebra, impala, and spotted-necked otters and over 400 species of bird. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing stay at one of the many lodges set on the banks of the river and soak up the spectacular views of wild Africa.


Nambwa Tented Lodge is within the heart of KAZA and the only lodge uniquely situated inside the Bwabwata National Park. The Lodge offers ten luxurious tents nestled high in the majestic Jackalberry, Sausage and Knobthorn trees. Respecting the elephants' right of way, the lodge is built in exquisite comfort above the African Wildlife. An entirely authentic walkway joins these luxurious tented suites of exquisite comfort, tastefully decorated where natural colors evoke a gentle balance of serenity. The decadently spacious tented suites open completely and emanate a feeling of vastness. From the privacy of your large open-air deck watch the sky illuminate with hues of purple and amber and reenergize for the days adventure ahead.

Nambwa Tented Lodge - 2 Nights stay.
Road transfer to Ongava airstrip. Fly to Immelman airstrip. Road transfer through the park to Nambwa Tented Lodge.

Morning or Afternoon Game Drive
As the midday sun retreats and the afternoon shadows lengthen, we depart on a journey, an adventure to discover the unknown behind every bend. Observing every branch for a rare endemic bird, to be rewarded instead by an elusive leopard. The silence broken by the deep low rumble vibrating through the bush, which could only belong to a large herd of elephants. Out of nowhere they appear with a focused determination towards the life-giving water up ahead. Knuckles white, as I grip the seat of the game viewer, relishing the moment as a highlight of my journey through Africa.

Morning or Afternoon Boat Cruise
The early morning sun’s rays reflect off the water’s edge, the soothing sound of the water as it is gently broken by the bow of the boat cutting through the water’s surface. The varied landscape of papyrus islands, reed floodplains and moving past petrified dunes, leaves me in awe of the vast open space. Around every corner a new bird, antelope or a carnivore quenching its thirst. A sudden fountain of water followed by a deep grunt reveals the large pod of hippos curiously gazing upon our arrival. The boat comes to a halt.

Cultural Tour
Walking through the gates of the local homestead reveals the complexity of the inner courtyard. It is here that your traditional guide shares the age-old stories brought down through the generations from father to son. Experience the day-to-day life of the archaic cultures from the Mbukushu and the Lozi traditions that has remained unchanged since the beginning of their time.

Horseshoe Sundowners
The famous Horseshoe Lagoon, with its vast herds of elephants is the most sought-after spot for a sundowner and snack whilst barefoot in the sand.
Soak up the breathtaking sunsets together with hippos and large herds of elephants silhouetted over the water. An exclusive night drive, while viewing the nocturnal wildlife, takes you back home where a bubble bath awaits you.

Day 14

Day 14 Windhoek – Hotel Heinitzburg

Situated in Central Namibia, the cosmopolitan city of Windhoek serves as the capital of the country. It is home to an international airport and a plethora of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and accommodation options. The city is clean, safe and well-organised, with a colonial legacy that is reflected in its many German eateries and shops, and the widespread use of the German language. Windhoek has an interesting mix of historical architecture and modern buildings, many of which are worth a look, including the Alte Feste an old fort, the 1896 Christuskirche Christ Church, and the more contemporary Supreme Court.


The Heinitzburg offers 16 spacious generously appointed en-suite rooms, each individually decorated, leaving no two rooms looking the same. Each room has individual air-conditioning / heating unit, direct telephone, electronic safe, mini bar, flat screen TV with satellite channels. The superior deluxe rooms have a bath with integrated showers, whilst the deluxe rooms all have a walk in shower. At the hotel's serene garden, guests are welcome to relax in a private atmosphere whilst enjoying the refreshing swimming pool (heated in winter).

Hotel Heinitzburg has a variety of dining outlets. There's the gourmet restaurant overlooking the skyline of the city while serving varied cuisine ranging from local to international dishes. The Garden Terrace provides superb view over the city and the surrounding mountains. At the Garden Terrace, meals, coffee and cakes from the patisserie are served throughout the day while snacks and sundowner cocktails are served at the viewpoint with marvellous vistas of spectacular sunsets.

Hotel Heinitzburg – 1 Night stay.
Road transfer through the park to Immelman airstrip. Fly to Windhoek Eros airport. Road transfer to Hotel Heinitzburg.
In day 15 – Road transfer to Windhoek International (Hosea Kutako) Airport



An unforgettable African safari awaits you.