Day 3 & 4
Hoanib Valley – Hoanib Valley Camp

This morning, it’s back to the plane for a flight towards the Atlantic Coast. As the plane veers northwards, you’ll pass the Eduard Bohlen, one of the most famous shipwrecks on the coastline that came adrift in 1909, as well as Conception Bay and Sandwich Harbour.

 This dramatic coastline was nicknamed the “gates to hell” by Portuguese sailors who had to navigate the powerful currents in their quest to round the Cape of Good Hope, and the Atlantic Ocean’s power is visible from the air as it hits the rocky coastline. From the air, glimpses of the remnants of shipwrecks are still visible and a stark reminder of nature’s power.

The plane will then turn inland toward the Hoanib Valley and it’s now that you’ll start to appreciate the mind-boggling vastness of the country. 

  • Hoanib Valley Camp – 2 Nights stay.
  • Fly from NamibRand Nature Reserve to Orutjandja airstrip (Hoanib Valley).
  • Road transfer to Hoanib Valley Camp.
  • Morning and Afternoon Desert Game Drives
    search for desert-adapted giraffe, elephant, lion and rhino.
    Learn about the giraffe research conducted in the area.
  • Nature Walks
    through the dry riverbeds and dunes.
  • Visit to the Himba Communities.