Standard Sossusvlei Scenic Flight

Departing from Eros aitport in Windhoek Embark on an extraordinary adventure and witness the wonders of Sossusvlei and its surrounding areas from a privileged bird’s eye view. Buckle up and get ready to soar above the captivating landscapes of Namibia’s iconic Namib Desert, where a scenic flight promises an unforgettable experience like no other.

As your journey takes flight, you’ll be treated to an exhilarating tour of some of the region’s most renowned landmarks. Glide over the spectacular Sesriem Canyon, a natural wonder that has been carved by the forces of time and water, leaving behind a mesmerizing gorge to explore from above. As you continue your aerial exploration, marvel at the imposing Dune 45, standing tall like a majestic sentinel amidst the desert’s ever-shifting sands.

Fly through the mesmerizing Dune corridor, where nature’s artistry unfolds before your eyes. From the vantage point of your aircraft, you’ll witness the intricate patterns and shapes created by the winds that sculpt these sandy masterpieces. 

But the wonders don’t end there; your scenic flight will take you to behold the ethereal beauty of Deadvlei, a surreal white clay pan adorned with ancient, desiccated trees. From above, witness the stark contrast between the white clay and the surrounding crimson dunes, creating a visual spectacle that is both haunting and breathtaking.

The highlight of your flight awaits as you soar over the imposing Big Daddy, the tallest dune in Sossusvlei, offering an unparalleled view of the vast desert below. Catch a glimpse of Sossusvlei, an expansive, salt and clay pan that serves as the endpoint for the Tsauchab River’s rare floodwaters. Marvel at the play of light and shadow on this ever-changing landscape, as the sun’s rays dance across the sand.

As your aerial journey comes to a close, let the vistas of Elim Dune enchant you with its graceful curves and undulating patterns. Take a moment to spot the well-known fairy circles from above, mysterious and fascinating circular patches that dot the desert floor. Keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of the diverse wildlife that calls this arid environment home, such as oryx, springbok, and even some desert-adapted elephants if you’re fortunate.

A scenic flight over Sossusvlei and its surrounding areas is an experience that transcends imagination, offering an unparalleled perspective of this surreal landscape. Capture memories that will last a lifetime and savor the breathtaking beauty of Namibia’s desert jewel from the skies above. Book your flight today and embark on an adventure that will forever be etched in your heart and soul.

2 hours & 40 Minutes

  • On board water
  • Windhoek Transfers
  • Additional beverages and gratuities

Experience Sossuvlei and surrounding area from a bird’s eye view. Fly over Sesriem Canyon, Dune 45, Dune corridor, Devil’s claw, Deadvlei, Big Daddy, Sossusvlei, Elim Dune from where you will also see the well-known fairy circle and wildlife.