Fly-in Safari


Fly-in Safari

What better way to travel than by light aircraft, exploring the world from a bird’s eye view.

If you only have a limited number of days to travel, and you truly want to spend quality time at your destination, then flying is your best choice.

With fly-in safaris, you can cover vast distances allowing for more time with activities at your exclusive destinations. A ‘bird’s eye’ view of our world puts things into perspective. There is nothing quite like soaring over the countryside, while deserts, rivers, mountains, and other beautiful landscapes pass beneath.

Our fly-in safaris cater for everyone, from the perfect romantic getaway to luxury incentive groups. It also is a convenient way to travel for families with young children that dread the long hours it takes to drive, offering unique and most definitely a memorable experience.

Namibia with its vast open spaces and unique landscapes offer the perfect opportunity for aerial landscape photography. Flying opens up a nearly unlimited number of possibilities. Get the most out of this luxury travel by incorporating a low-level scenic flight to capture your own experience from the sky.



Many places simply would not be an option for most of us without modern air travel, and if you love immersing yourself in foreign cultures, then the airplane is literally and figuratively your vehicle to the world.

Desert Air Charters

Desert Air Charters has been specialising in the professional flying industry for over two decades, offering private fly-in safaris, scenic tours, corporate flights, and medical evacuations if required. Desert Air Charters owns and operates top of the range aircraft, with its highly skilled professional crew serving as aerial guides. For further information on their history, aircraft type, fully licenced flight school information and more please visit

Desert Air Africa Safaris with Desert Air Charters specialise in fly-in safaris, placing us in a competitive position, allowing us to offer direct preferences.

Fly-in safaris might seem out-of-reach at first glance, but the variety of aircraft we have on standby allow for differently priced fly-in safaris, from the typical safari four-seater Cessna 210 and ten-seater Cessna Grand Caravan, to the very exclusive seven-seater twin prop pressurised Aero Commander. Desert Air offer private charters, which allows for personalised tailor-made travel packages. With our expertise, your dream to have a fly-in safari can become a reality.

Desert Air Africa Safaris with Desert Air Charters specialise in fly-in safaris, placing us in a competitive position, allowing us to offer direct preferences.

Luggage Allowance

The standard allowable average is 10 – 15kg luggage per person. This allowance is an average that may and will be amended in accordance with all passengers’ actual body weight. ONLY SOFT BAGS ARE PERMITTED

Sossusvlei Scenic Flight

“Sossusvlei” is of mixed origin and roughly means “dead-end marsh.” Experience Sossusvlei and the surrounding wonders from the sky. This is a perfect opportunity for self-drive clients to experience the best of both worlds.

Desert Air Charters have a 5-seater Cessna 210 light aircraft permanently based at the Sossusvlei Lodge. For more information on the different routes, visit

Our personalised tailor-made packages designed specifically to meet your individual requirements and interests.