About Us


About Us

Our passion is to provide you with an unforgettable African Safari.

We want to share and expose you to the natural beauty found within Namibia…. its nature, wildlife, and cultural diversity.

Desert Air Africa Safaris built on the foundation of Desert Air Charters, who have successfully served the tourism and corporate flying industry for over two decades. Desert Air Charters pride themselves on providing years of quality customer service.

With its highly skilled professional pilots, Desert Air Charters have accrued a wealth of experience and knowledge, traveling all over Namibia and its neighboring countries.

Building on expertise, Desert Air Africa Safaris is more than suitably qualified to offer personalized tailor-made travel packages.

We make all possible efforts to fulfill requests and expectations aiming for complete satisfaction.

Effective communication is key. Open and honest communication ensures that everyone understands what is required. We strive to meet the expectations, needs, and desires, whether it is with a romantic getaway, celebrating a special birthday to catering to specific dietary requirements.

Honesty, integrity, fairness, and respect are what we live by.

Teamwork, partnership, and collaboration are an important aspect to Desert Air Africa Safaris; we value all our relationships and support personal and professional development.

We invite you to experience our exceptionally beautiful and attractive destinations within sun-filled Namibia.



Each adventure brings new possibilities and experience.

Fly-in Safaris

What better way to travel than by light aircraft, exploring the world from a bird’s eye view.

Romantic Getaway

Namibia is a place bursting with the most spectacular destinations, cultural and historical experiences, and enchanting wildlife.

Guided Trips

We provide reliable, fun-filled and informative guided tours in a variety of languages.