Elite Namibia Fly-In Safari

Experience the untamed beauty of Namibia with our spectacular 9-day, 8-night fly-in safari. Traverse the diverse landscapes of Southern Africa, from the mystical sand dunes of the NamibRand Nature Reserve to the teeming wildlife habitats of the Onguma Game Reserve. Discover the charm of Swakopmund, a coastal town blending German and Namibian cultures, and explore the ancient rock art of Twyfelfontein, one of Africa's most significant archaeological sites.


Our Namibia fly-in safari offers an unforgettable journey of exploration and adventure. Experience the thrill of spotting rare and majestic animals in their natural habitats, delve into the rich history of Namibia at its centuries-old rock sites, and gaze upon the otherworldly beauty of one of the world’s least light-polluted night skies. Luxuriate in top-tier accommodations offering the perfect blend of comfort and authenticity, ensuring an immersive safari experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a first-time safari-goer, our Namibia fly-in safari is the perfect gateway to an African adventure like no other. Explore Namibia’s rich biodiversity, its captivating culture, and its dramatic landscapes, all while enjoying the unparalleled convenience and luxury of flying directly into the heart of these stunning destinations. Book today to start your unforgettable journey into the heart of Namibia’s awe-inspiring wilderness.

Cessna 210

  • Cruising Speed: 280km/hr
  • Cruising Altitude: 10 000 feet
  • Maximum Range: 1380km
  • Seating Configuration: 4 Passengers; 1 Crew
  • Standard checked luggage allowance – 15 to 20 kg per passenger.
  • The final luggage allowance per person is subject to the total body weight of all passengers, the number of passengers, the distance flying between destinations and the type of airstrip used for landing.
  • Each flight and aircraft luggage allowance is individually calculated and amended according to the above-mentioned factors. ONLY SOFT BAGS PERMITTED.
  • General terms and conditions of Desert Air Africa Safaris will apply
  • Drastic increase in fuel levies on flights will apply
  • Flight is subjected to weight and balance allowances
  • All bookings and accommodation offered is subject to availability.
  • Any additional requests, can be booked through Desert Air Africa Safaris
  • Price includes VAT and tourism levy where applicable
  • A deposit of 25% on the total amount payable for purposes of reserving or securing the booking
  • All activities and flights along the coastal area, is weather conditions dependent.
  • Private charter flight
  • Accommodation,
  • Meals, activities and road transfers as specified.
  • International flights.
  • Meals and beverages not specified.
  • Travel and Medical insurance.
  • Visa services.
Destination Flying Time
Private Charter Flight from Hosea Kutako International Airport [WDH] to andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge 1 h 05 min
Private Charter Flight from andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge to Swakopmund 1 h 10 min
Private Charter Flight from Swakopmund Airport [SWP] to Mowani Mountain Camp 55 min
Private Charter Flight from Mowani Mountain Camp to Onguma Camp Kala 1h 20 min
Private Charter Flight from Onguma Camp Kala to Hosea Kutako International Airport [WDH] 1h 05 min

Day 1 & 2
NamibRand Nature Reserve – Kwessi Dunes

This fly-in safari begins in Windhoek, where you will meet your pilot and take you to the skiesAV for the flight Kwessi dunes.

Kwessi Dunes is located deep in Namibia’s striking NamibRand Nature Reserve, a vast desert wilderness with its rolling desert plains and backdrop of craggy mountains and iconic red dunes, this is a place where time seems to stand still and the space is never-ending.

Here, it’s not about chasing big game but rather soaking up the beauty of the colourful landscape, admiring the antelope that scatter the sand, and gazing at the stars the light up the night sky.

At Kwessi Dunes, you’ll find 12 cool and comfortable (and air-conditioned) chalets all with canvas walls and thatched roofs. Each bedroom has a separate ‘star gazer’ room, completely open to the sky, and the perfect spot from which to watch the celestial theatre show above. Views from the rooms, the main area and the swimming pool are of the vast, desert vistas

  • Sossuvlei Desert Lodge – 2 Nights stay.
  • Arrive at Windhoek International Airport (Hosea Kutako). Meet your pilot and fly to NamibRand Nature Reserve.
  • Road transfer to Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.
  • Day Trip to Sossusvlei Dunes Morning and afternoon scenic drives and walks in the NamibRand Nature Reserve.
  • Quad Biking
  • Stargazing

Day 3 & 4
Swakopmund – Strand Hotel

For Days 3 and 4, your journey continues as you take a scenic flight from Sossusvlei to the seaside town of Swakopmund. As you fly over Namibia’s stunning landscapes, you will have the unique opportunity to view the haunting beauty of the Eduard Bohlen shipwreck from above. The ship, stranded in 1909, now lies half-buried in the sand dunes of the Skeleton Coast, a stark reminder of nature’s power. This rusted shipwreck against the backdrop of the barren desert and the azure sea makes for a mesmerizing sight.

Upon landing, you’ll find yourself in Swakopmund, a charming town set along Namibia’s beautiful coastline. Known for its wide-open avenues, colonial architecture, and surrounding desert terrain, Swakopmund blends German and Namibian cultures in a fascinating way. Established in 1892 as the main harbour for German South-West Africa, Swakopmund now thrives as a seaside resort and the heart of the Skeleton Coast tourism area. The town’s cool sea breeze, diverse adventure options, and relaxed atmosphere make it a must-visit destination in Namibia. During your stay, you can look forward to a plethora of exciting activities including quad biking, horse riding, paragliding, fishing, sightseeing, and captivating desert tours.

Your accommodation for the next two days will be the magnificent Strand Hotel Swakopmund, a destination in itself. Located on the historic Mole, an iconic site surrounded by the ocean on three sides, the hotel serves as a social epicenter for both visitors and residents of Swakopmund. With its unique restaurants, bars, deli, lobby-lounge, sea-facing terraces, beach kiosk, and state-of-the-art conference and banqueting center, the Strand Hotel offers a wealth of experiences.

The hotel’s design draws inspiration from Namibian-German history and blends it tastefully with modern amenities. The interiors aim to create a residential, non-hotel feel, a place as warm, welcoming, and comfortable as the town itself. As you enter the Strand Hotel, you’ll pass through the 13m high and 9m wide Ocean View Atrium that bisects the hotel, offering stunning sea views. Reception, comprising three individual desks and a cozy open fireplace, completes the homely atmosphere and ensures a warm welcome to all guests. This truly provides an added “sense-of-place” atmosphere to your Namibian visit.

  • Strand Hotel – 2 Nights stay.
  • Road transfer to Sossusvlei airstrip.
  • Fly to Swakopmund with a scenic flight over Sossusvlei and the coastline.
  • Road transfer to Strand Hotel.
  • Guided Quad Biking in the Namib Desert
    Take a majestic ride through the Namib Dunes on a Quad bike. Experience the sheer thrill of riding a quad bike through Namibia’s boundless expanse of shifting sand dunes. An experienced guide will read you through the Swakopmund River mouth into the dune belt. Tours include the Amphitheatre, roller Coasters, Big Billy and Devil’s Dip dunes.
  • Seal and Dolphin Cruise
    See Namibia’s ‘marine big five’ wildlife on a catamaran cruise for a marine educational sightseeing tour. Experience the thrill of dolphins leaping out of the water alongside the boat, seals fed by hand, fresh oysters and cold champagne on the calm waters of the Walvis Bay lagoon. The initial route takes you past oyster farms as you approach Pelican Point with its landmark lighthouse and 60,000 resident cape fur seals.

Day 5 & 6
Damaraland – Mowani Mountain Camp

For days 5 and 6 of your journey, prepare for an awe-inspiring trip from Swakopmund as you soar over the striking landscapes of Namibia, heading towards Damaraland. The scenic flight will land you at the haven nestled within the hills of this incredible region, the Mowani Mountain Camp.

Damaraland, adorned with a captivating hilly savannah, is a sanctuary for an impressive diversity of species. From predators like lions, leopards, cheetahs, and hyenas to antelope species such as eland, kudu, giraffe, klipspringer, gemsbok, and springbok, the wildlife scene is a nature enthusiast’s dream. Moreover, bird watchers will be in paradise, as over 33 raptors including cuckoo hawks, Egyptian vultures, and the swift peregrine falcons call this area home. Damaraland, divided into vast private game reserves or concessions, offers some of the most enriching wildlife and birding experiences in Namibia, and indeed, in southern Africa.

Amidst Damaraland’s heat, dust, and awe-inspiring landscapes, Mowani Mountain Camp provides a harmonious sanctuary, blending seamlessly with the region’s vast prehistoric landscape. Dwarfed by gigantic ochre boulders, the camp complements the area’s rich history and diverse ecology. Every curve and edge of the camp provide unique frames to the breathtaking surroundings as if each glance offers a new perspective of this ancient land.

Mowani Mountain Camp welcomes you with luxury tented accommodation, presenting majestic views of the desert. Each tent features open-air ensuite bathrooms and private decks, offering spectacular views of Damaraland and the elusive, desert-adapted elephants nearby. The camp lies in proximity to Twyfelfontein, known for its San engravings and paintings and is part of a conservancy protecting the black rhino and desert elephants’ southernmost roaming grounds.

At Mowani, sustainable eco-tourism and community upliftment are fundamental. Local tribe guides augment daytime game drives tracking mountain zebras, kudu, springbok, klipspringer, and if luck favors you, even the elusive leopard! Let your adventurous spirit reign supreme at Mowani with days filled with game drives, hot air balloon trips over the Aba-Huab Valley, champagne breakfasts, and al fresco meals under the shade of Mopani trees amidst the awe-inspiring Damaraland landscape.

  • Mowani Mountain Camp – 2 Night stay – Full Board & Activities
  • Transfer between Twyfelfontein Airstrip and Mowani Mountain Camp
  • Conservancy Fees
  • Elephant Nature Drive
  • Petrified Forest Activity

Day 7 & 8
Etosha National Park – Oguma

For days 7 and 8, your fly-in safari will transport you to the unique realm of Etosha, a jewel in Namibia’s crown. This iconic location, marked by vast saltpans and rich biodiversity, offers an unrivaled safari experience. Located on the eastern boundary of the Etosha National Park, you’ll find the private sanctuary of the Onguma Nature Reserve. This 34,000 ha wilderness is home to Onguma Camp Kala, an exclusive camp that beautifully intertwines luxury and authenticity.

Elevated on wooden decks, Onguma Camp Kala offers an intimate connection with nature, presenting panoramic views over one of Onguma’s most vibrant waterholes. This destination is perfect for the discerning traveler seeking an authentic yet lavish adventure. With a limited capacity of just four suites hosting eight guests, this camp guarantees exclusivity and tranquility during your stay.

The spacious open-plan suites at Camp Kala are carefully designed to provide comfort and opulence. Each suite features a plush bedroom, cozy lounge area equipped with a state-of-the-art air-cooling system, and an exquisite bathroom featuring bespoke double vanities, a full-size freestanding bathtub, and a generous shower. Enhancing your connection with the outdoors, each suite features a private deck equipped with a plunge pool, a wood-fired hot tub, and a private, shaded Sala boasting an outdoor daybed. This setting is ideal for a relaxed armchair safari, and if the African night sky beckons you, a mesmerizing “sleep out” under the stars.

The central guest area of the camp includes a comfortable lounge, a cocktail bar, and an expansive deck. The dining area features an open-plan, interactive ‘show’ kitchen and an all-day pantry filled with delicious treats. One of the highlights at Camp Kala is undoubtedly the ground-level photographic hide, providing a unique perspective to enjoy the thriving wildlife around the waterhole. For those looking to maintain their wellness routine during their safari experience, the camp also offers a well-equipped gym, spa, and yoga deck. The experience at Onguma Camp Kala seamlessly marries adventure and relaxation, ensuring a memorable stay in the heart of Namibia’s wilderness.

  • Onguma Camp Kala – 2 Night stay. Fully Inclusive basis
  • Rhino Levies
  • Game Drives
    on the Onguma Reserve
  • Game Drives
    into Etosha National Park
  • Guided Walks
    on the Onguma Reserve

Day 9
Return to Windhoek

On the final day of your unforgettable journey, day 9, you will soar over the captivating landscapes of Namibia once more as you embark on a scenic flight from Etosha to Windhoek. This brings an end to your spectacular fly-in safari experience, but the memories of the unique adventure will stay with you forever.

Reflecting on the journey you’ve undertaken, you’ll cherish the pristine tranquility of the NamibRand Nature Reserve, where the majesty of the Namib Desert unfolded around you. You’ll recall the magic of stargazing under the incredibly clear African sky, with the whisper of the desert winds as your only accompaniment. The memory of the picturesque flight over the enigmatic shipwreck at Eduard Bohlen, eternally marooned within the shifting Namibian sands, will remind you of the poignant beauty of Africa’s Skeleton Coast.

You’ll reminisce about Swakopmund’s unique blend of Namibian and German culture, set amidst sweeping coastal vistas. You’ll remember the thrill of adventure activities, from quad biking to desert tours, and the soothing comfort offered by the Strand Hotel, a hub of warmth and hospitality.

The memory of Damaraland’s stunning landscapes, from ochre boulders to vast savannah, and the diversity of wildlife viewed from the luxury of the Mowani Mountain Camp will make you yearn for the African bushveld. You’ll think back on the immersive experience of being close to the elusive desert-adapted elephants and endangered black rhinos at Twyfelfontein.

Finally, the grandeur of Etosha and the elegant luxury of Onguma Camp Kala will come to mind. From your private suite, you experienced unforgettable sightings at the bustling waterhole and even the chance to sleep beneath the breathtaking Namibian night sky.

As you conclude your journey in Windhoek, you’ll be carrying with you a treasure trove of experiences that span the full spectrum of Namibia’s diverse landscapes and wildlife, and a deeper appreciation for this truly beautiful corner of the world. This 9-day fly-in safari has been more than just a trip; it’s been an adventure, a discovery, and a connection with the untamed African wilderness.

  • None included